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“What you Measure Is What You Get”

Every school has a unique DNA, one that differentiates it from other schools.  That individualized DNA combines with the academic program to give our schools “value added.” And there is an increased market pressure on schools to demonstrate  - with data – that their programs succeed in delivering both academic achievement and the affective mission (character and leadership development, service orientation, etc.). Traditional measures of success, as seen in the College Profile, chronicle only academic achievement.


Working with school teams, Bettstrategic Group will:

  • Develop institution-specific benchmarks and performance metrics
  • Define a school’s culture and its value proposition
  • Engage the school community in robust, values-based exercises using design thinking
  • Immerse faculty in a process that results in transformed teaching and assessment
  • Establish a cycle of continuous feedback and improvement


Publications and Presentations


“What you Measure is What You Get” – The Trustee’s Letter, Educational Directions