When we discover new territory together, you control the GPS.

Strategic Alignment / Academic Innovation / “design thinking”

Empowering schools in participant-based strategic planning and organizational renewal.

Using 21st century methodology including Stanford University’s “design thinking”, Bettstrategic Group works with Boards, Heads, and school leadership (including Department Heads) to:

  • anticipate strategic priorities;
  • initiate 21st Century practice;
  • develop shared leadership through dynamic teams at the departmental and division level
  • create a spirit of innovation within the school culture/overcome resistance to change;
  • design an Action Plan with measurable outcomes and integrated paradigms;
  • develop organizational scaffolding to support transformation.

My 21st Century Strategy Notes>> illustrate complimentary ways to approach planning, using design thinking as one tool.  For a preview please link to Strategy Handnotes.

Want to know more about “design thinking”? Kay Betts on Design Thinking

Long-term, Bettstrategic Group:

  • supports Heads and Leadership Teams with follow-through on Action Items;
  • works with the school to integrate Strategic Planning with other planning efforts – Accreditation Self-Study, Technology and Marketing/Enrollment Plans, and Campus Master Plan.