Strategic Thinking/Plan Alignment & Implementation

Porter-Gaud / Charleston, South Carolina

Academy at the Lakes / Tampa, Florida

High Meadows School / Atlanta, Georgia

Trinity School / Midland, Texas

The Raleigh School / Raleigh, North Carolina

Hill Country School / Austin, Texas

Demographic Research/Marketing

Hawai’i Preparatory Academy / Kamuela, Hawai’i

Stevens Cooperative School / Jersey City & Hoboken, New Jersey

The Epstein School / Atlanta, Georgia

The Galloway School / Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Independent School Association (GISA)

St. Martin’s Episcopal School / Atlanta, Georgia

Episcopal High School / Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Deerfield-Windsor School / Albany, Georgia

Academic Audit & Leadership Analysis

Marymount High School / Los Angeles, California

Woodward Academy / Atlanta, Georgia

Franklin Road Academy / Nashville, Tennessee

Mount Pisgah Christian School / John’s Creek, Georgia

Qualitative Metrics / Value Proposition

Sonoma Country Day School / Santa Rosa, California

Polytechnic School / Pasadena, California

AISNE [Association of Independent Schools-New England]

McCallie School / Chattanooga, Tennessee

PNAIS [Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools]

Marist School / Atlanta, Georgia

SAIS [Southern Association of Independent Schools]

St. Agnes Academy/St. Dominic School  / Memphis, Tennessee

Promise Academy Charter School / Memphis, Tennessee


The Walker School / Marietta, Georgia




Pathfinders / trailblazers / pioneers / explorers


“Kay Betts was the ideal consultant for our school.  She did not push us into pre-conceived structures.  Instead she listened, and worked with us to craft and facilitate OUR process.  With her help we produced a great plan that the entire school community has embraced.”

Mark Heller, Head of School, Academy at the Lakes, Tampa, Florida

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your excellent leadership in defining, creating, and delivering such a rich experience for our seniors, one that also yielded a rich and authentic qualitative assessment for school purposes.”

– Barbara Daush, Former President (St. Agnes Academy) and “The Candle Project” Team

“Kay Betts excells…as an academician, a strategic thinker, and as wise counsel to me as head of school.  She has been an invaluable leader and resource.”

– Dr. Margaret “Sissy” Wade, Executive Director, The Heads Network; Former Head of School, Franklin Road Academy)

“Kay Betts comes into a community and, by virtue of her calculated balance of risk and research, earns the respect of skeptics and the well-disposed alike…Kay devises holistic resolutions from seemingly oppositional elements, appealing to the unique contributions and aspirations of a diverse lot of participants in order to forge a way forward. It is in taking the widest possible view of institutional needs, that Kay is able to shape a response mechanism that is as elegant as it is practical.”

- Rev. Joel Konzen, S.M., Principal, Marist School

“Kay brings an astute understanding of the intricacy of independent schools.  Her multi-dimensional approach to problem solving ensures that all stakeholders’ interests are included in her in-depth analysis.  Kay’s integrity and ethical standards are reflected in everything that she does.”

- Kathleen Mainardi, Senior Director of Development, Ramapo College

“Kay’s firsthand, in-depth experience with the myriad factors influencing independent school strategic and physical decision-making, along with her ability to synthesize, interpret and translate that data into tangible, relevant school and market-specific knowledge provides significant benefit and advantage to her clients.”

- Walter J. Kneis, AIA, CID, LEED AP , Principal, NK Architects